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TOP 5 TEXAS Road Trips - 2018


If you've taken a road trip in the great state of Texas, you know you may have committed to hours on the open road to get from point A to point B. Our experience traveling this vast state proves that the real journey is not in reaching the destination but the distances in between. It's finding a spot on the map and enjoying the ride. There are fewer things we enjoy more than hitting the road with a little George Strait on the radio and the excitement of exploring the great destinations in our state. Today we're sharing our top five Texas road trips in no particular order. Texans love to tell tall stories and share our favorite places. Hold on to the wheel, disable your phone (there may not be any service anyway), and set your sights on the these trips across the Lone Star State.

Santa Elena Canyon Trail - Big Bend National Park - TX

1) A must road trip for all Texans and guests would include our most cherished National Park, Big Bend in far west Texas. As you travel through hill country, desert, and mountains you begin to sense how the west must have felt over a hundred years ago. Along the way to Big Bend you will pass through some classic west Texas towns such as Marathon, Alpine, Marfa, and maybe if you're lucky Terlingua (a lovely ghost town near the border). The speed limit may be 85 but slow down and take in the loneliness of this region. The people are just as tough as the terrain yet as friendly as the gentle current of the Rio Grande. Be sure to take River Road/170 from Presidio to the western entrance of Big Bend National Park. We suggest starting the drive before the sun rises and catching it's glorious rise as you near the rugged canyons formed by the Rio Grande. It's one of our favorite drives in Texas and it will not disappoint as you hug the Mexico border. Don't forget a shot of the iconic rest area tepees next to the river.

2) Our second road trip takes you to a heavenly place despite it's devilish namesake. While you can make it to the park in a car, we strongly recommend driving a high clearance vehicle to get to Devils River State Natural Area. Once you turn on to Dolan Creek Road all bets are off as the rubber meets dirt road. It's a ruggedly beautiful drive with cactus owning a monopoly in real estate. You may encounter a herd of mule deer or some wandering cattle searching hopelessly for green grass. The drive is long and slow but well worth what waits for you at the end. Once you get to the park entrance and pay your fee head to the trail for a hike to the clearest river in Texas. Enjoy this sacred state treasure.

3) A little closer for most Texans is a road trip to New Braunfels (Brawn-Fels) and the iconic town of Gruene. In New Braunfels you will discover the shortest river in Texas and maybe the one with the most fun. The Comal River runs through the heart of the city with a tube shoot that will ensure a spill into the crystal clear waters. Be sure to try some BBQ and walk around the town circle. Head north to New Braunfels's little sister Gruene where you will find the oldest dancehall in Texas. Skip the Gristmill restaurant on this trip and head to the River House for some quality eats. Grab a cup of coffee from the local coffee shop and cruise River Road along the Guadalupe River. It's an unforgettable drive through towering Bald Cypress trees and the river.

Comal River Tube Shoot - New Braunfels, TX

Gruene Hall - Gruene, TX - Spring

4) If you made the trip to New Braunfels you might as well put a little more fuel in the wagon and drive to the whimsical village of Wimberley. Several beautiful roads will take you to this charming little Texas town. The hills are steep and the views are equally inspiring. Drive a few more miles outside of town and you will discover a gem so many Texans have made a stopping point during the endless, summer months. Blue Hole Regional Park was formed to protect this fragile ecosystem yet allow for a place to cool down with friends and family. Find a spot under a cedar tree and stake your claim to one of the most beautiful swim holes in central Texas.

The Blue Hole - Wimberley - Winter

5) Finally, if you're still in the Hill Country head west to the another classic small town nestled next to the Blanco River. Blanco, Texas is all about this tiny sometimes unrelentingly wild river. Lose track of time in a kayak at Blanco River State Park. The park is as tiny as the town but offers so much more within it's confines. Drive from Fredericksburg on 1376 then take 1888 or River Road to Blanco. You will be handsomely rewarded with breathtaking views of the hill country and briefs glimpses of the Blanco River. Take your time and depending on the time of day you may see Axis deer grazing in a sloping pasture. Enjoy the journey to the park. When you've had enough of the river, make your way to the square and grab a table at the Redbud Cafe Market and Pub. Grab a coffee or local beer and take note of the day on the road. Safe and relaxing travels on the road!

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